You can't keep a good woman down, and you definitely can't keep two good women down. The 2011 CMT Music Awards kicked off with a bang and two women scorned in the trailer for a mock movie, 'Taylor and Shania.'

When Taylor Swift calls for help, she calls on Shania Twain, who's there in a flash in an old-school convertible. The pair ride off into the sunset like a country 'Thelma and Louise,' and find themselves out on the open road with guns and a vengeance.

Swift and Twain prove quickly that they won't put up with anything, much less a man, and we get an unusual view at the dirty side of both female country superstars. This trailer for the duo's mock movie was a hilarious start to the show, and featured guest stars Donald Trump, Kenny Rogers and 'Glee' famer Chord Overstreet!

At the end, the girls pick up Kid Rock on the side of the road, and true to the original outlaw film, drive themselves off a cliff before the awards even started. Talk about an intro! We'd love if this one were to really make it to the big screen.