Taylor Swift is a jetsetter these days, as she continues to promote her best-selling album, 'Red.' After hoofing it to Germany for the EMAs, then back to L.A. for the AMAs -- and to film the video for 'I Knew You Were Trouble' in between -- the singer is now in Tokyo, where she'll spend Thanksgiving.

Swift is used to travel, but she is hoping against hope that she is able to chow down on some turkey on Thursday (Nov. 22), which might make her feel a little more connected to home while in the Far East.

"It’s gonna be interesting trying to find turkey there,” Swift acknowledged, according to GAC.

She also recognized that she has shifted into 'Red' promotion overdrive, which means everything else -- including her much-buzzed about romantic life -- takes a backseat. Thankfully, the 22-year-old worldwide superstar is more than okay with the tradeoff, given the nature of her crazy business.

"That’s kinda how my life goes. Wherever I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be," Swift admits. "I know that when I am putting out a record all bets are off. I just put my head down and wake up when they tell me to and I just do what I’m told… like, a lot. That sounds depressing, but I kinda think it’s fun."

Swift also remains thankful of her lot in life, reflecting on her success during the time when we all remember what we have to be thankful for.

"It’s hard work, but it’s also my childhood dream,” the 'Begin Again' singer says. "I also keep a tight grasp on the fact that careers end every day. It is possible for you to say the wrong thing, do the wrong, have a bad, like, stroke of luck and it could be over so why not appreciate every single day while you have it ‘cause there’s no guarantee for anything."