Taylor Swift's romance with Conor Kennedy has reportedly ended -- but is it possible that she is already moving on? Rumors of a relationship with Harry Styles of British boyband One Direction are swirling, and at least some of the claims about a potential fling are credible.

Styles, 18, reportedly joined Swift on set at 'X Factor' last week during her rehearsal of 'State of Grace,' according to People.

The story is collaborated by the reality singing competition's host, Mario Lopez, who says he spotted the two young music stars together on the set. Lopez said he was slapped on the back by Styles during Swift's performance rehearsal. "I said, 'What are you doing here,'" Lopez alleged during his radio show recently. "And he sort of [pointed] toward Taylor."

Lopez also mentioned seeing Swift and Styles walking "hand-in-hand." If this relationship does heat up, perhaps we can expect some top-shelf musical collaborations from these two?

Earlier this year, sources were abuzz with the news that Swift had a crush on Styles, though the boyband singer brushed it off with a compliment to her, saying she is nice but that they were -- at the time -- "friends."

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