On tonight's (Nov. 15) episode of 'X Factor,' Taylor Swift performed 'State of Grace,' the song that kicks off her mega-seller, 'Red.' Wearing a black fedora, white button-down, black flood pants and glittery shoes, Swift made the menswear trend look good.

Her stage setup was darkened, but with glowing, orange, fireball-like lights in the background. When performing without a guitar strapped in front of her body, you can really appreciate the 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' singer's model height and her trim figure. She also swapped out her signature red lipstick for a soft pink hue during her 'X Factor' appearance, which was surprising since red lips would be more visible on TV.

Swift was dressed down for her, but still looked fashionable. More importantly, she sounded incredible as she soared through the song on the show's elimination episode. It was the first time she has played 'State of Grace' live, so 'X Factor' viewers got a real treat with a Swift debut.

We are going to go out on a limb here and predict that the show gets a boost in ratings this week thanks to Swift's live performance. It's been struggling a bit, ratings-wise, but we wouldn't be surprised if things were on the uptick because Swift appeared.

Watch Taylor Swift Perform 'State of Grace' on 'X Factor'

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