Taylor Swift is featured on the newest cover of Wonderland magazine ... or at least we think it's her?

If you were breezing past the magazine section of the grocery store, this girl would never pop out as pop's newest princess, but in fact, that is Swift you see with dark eyebrows, tan skin and a very obvious lack of red lipstick.

Even the 'Red' singer's signature blonde locks seem dark here, as her hair is slicked back wet, and with all that bronzer, it's like she's fresh off the surfboard in Hawaii.

It's amazing what shaking up the typical makeup routine can do to a famous face, isn't it?

Swift showed yet another side of herself this week when she dropped her glamorously creepy 'Blank Space' video. The clip shows her in gorgeous gowns, graceful in a mansion with all of her riches ... before she basically goes on an insane rampage against her main man. There's always more where that came from though, right? Watch the must-see clip here.

Swift's Nov./Dec. 2014 issue of Wonderland is on newsstands now.

You Think You Know Taylor Swift? No Way.