When Canadian singer Tenille Townes first emerged with her debut single "Somebody's Daughter," the song's honesty took many by storm. Now that she's added a video to drive her point home visually, she's winning fans in high places.

The video, which details how life's circumstances may take us in unexpected places — and that the woman you see panhandling on the corner of your neighborhood streets is and always has been "somebody's daughter" — hit home with Miranda Lambert, whom she toured with this year, and who posted praise on her Instagram account.

"Love this girl and this song," Lambert simply noted, with a re-gram of Townes' post announcing the video.

Townes herself was giddy regarding the video, which brings to life the circumstances behind the scenes of a theoretical woman whose circumstances have taken a wrong turn. The narrative shows a little girl playing with her father, interspersed with cryptic clips of the woman the girl becomes, walking the streets and navigating what has become of her life.

Homelessness is a cause near and dear to Townes' heart, as she's been involved with fundraising for a temporary homeless shelter for teens called Sunrise House in Grande Prairie, Alb., Canada. In February she shared that over $1.5 million had been raised in nine years.

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