The Civil Wars singer Joy Williams must be superwoman. In addition to constantly wowing fans and critics with her gorgeous vocals, the 29-year-old singer called giving birth to her first baby boy "a breeze." In a recent interview with People, Williams opened up about her labor story and what it's like to be a new mom to baby Miles Alexander, who was born on June 30.

“I did it all naturally and really loved the experience. My husband [Nate Yetton] and I had just gone to the Belcourt [theater] to see the new Wes Anderson movie, and the air conditioning was out in the theater,” the Grammy-winning singer said of when she went into labor. “I was so hot! I started feeling tiny pressure waves during the film, but they abated over time.”

The contractions calmed down for a few hours, but by 1:30 that morning, the 'Barton Hollow' singer knew that she was about to meet her baby boy. When the contractions grew more intense, she called her midwife and doula and prepared for labor. Although she was prepared that anything could happen, natural birth seemed like the best way to go.

“I didn’t really feel the need for [an epidural]. It was pretty quick labor, so I didn’t have to endure days in and days out and that never-ending sense of, ‘When am I having this child?’” she explains. “Regardless of how you end up delivering -- medication or not -- the experience is beautiful and visceral and challenging, but ultimately really empowering.”

While the birth process was easy (well, as easy as going through labor can actually be), Williams was ready to get out of the hospital and take Miles home with her husband.

“Some people told us that that drive home can feel really overwhelming and daunting, [but] I was ready to take him home to our safe environment and hibernate together,” Williams reveals. “When we walked in the door, it was like, ‘Okay, we’re here … and here’s your nursery and here’s the kitchen and here’s the living room -- a getting-to-know-you session.”

Since first bringing little Miles home, Williams and her hubby have hit the ground running to introduce their new son to the entire family. The baby boy has already been on a plane to California to meet his grandparents. Clearly, Williams and Miles just aren't the types to stick close to home.

“I love walking to coffee shops," she says. "There are lots of great parks in Nashville. There’s a farmer’s market. He’s so brand-new! There’s a lot more I want to do and show him around town.”

Of course, part of showing Miles the ropes means writing songs for him. After all, Williams can't just turn off her love for making music. She joked, “I’m starting to write my own songs for him. Something to do in the middle of the night."

Here's to hoping she can get a little shut-eye at night!

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