The Farm had plenty of reasons to celebrate this past weekend, as the band's Nick Hoffman wed singer-songwriter Natalie Murphy.

The couple were married by the Farm's Damien Horne in Edwards, Co. on Saturday (May 14). Hoffman shared some photos of the big day with fans on the band's Twitter account.

"There are no words to explain how amazing and perfect yesterday was," he writes alongside a photo of him and his new bride walking down the aisle as his bandmate looked on. "I am truly a blessed man."

Earlier in the week he posted a picture of his shoes options, gearing up for the weekend of festivities.

The Farm released their self-titled debut album in 2012. The album produced two Top 40 hits for the trio with "Home Sweet Home" and "Be Grateful." Another single, "Mud," was released to country radio in 2014. The trio have continued to tour throughout the world, most recently playing a show in Zurich in January.

In a recent interview with the Tennessean, Horne discussed how the three bandmates lived in their cars for their first six months in Nashville in 2002. “I had a naïve boldness,” he says. “I just thought, ‘Oh, it’ll work out.’”

Horne would frequently perform on the corner of Second Avenue and Commerce Street downtown. One night, Big & Rich's John Rich threw a $100 bill in the open guitar case and invited Horne to his weekly jam session MuzikMafia, where his luck quickly changed. Soon, he'd get gigs that didn't require him performing on the streets and through that and songwriting he made enough money to get an apartment.

"When you have a dream or a purpose, it’s never going to be easy," he explains. "In those dark times, I have to remember, you’re always a second, a moment, one event from turning it around."

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