The debut album from country trio the FARM will be in stores and online on July 17. The cover art from this highly-anticipated project has just been revealed, and Taste of Country has the official first look.

The group's debut single 'Home Sweet Home' is approaching the Top 20, but more importantly, it symbolizes some of the freshest music to come out of Nashville in recent years. Nick Hoffman, Damien Horne and Krista Marie are all at the top of their game musically, and together they've proven to be one tight-knit musical force. All three put aside individual careers after it became clear that they belong with each other instead of out on their own.

The project showcases their three very different influences. Hoffman is the country traditionalist, while Marie was a solo vocalist with a background in opera before teaming up with the two men. Horne came from an alt-rock band before he opened up for John Legend. According to the FARM's website, the result is undeniable country, but they take plenty of twists and turns to create a unique sound.

“We wrote like a band, and we recorded like a band,” Hoffman says. “We camped out in a studio every day for two weeks from 10AM to 10PM. There was evolution and experimenting, things that wouldn’t have happened if we had done it any other way.”

Earlier this year, the group made their Grand Ole Opry debut. In June they'll appear at another must-see country event -- the CMA Music Festival in Nashville. They've got a full schedule of tour dates through August, so check out their official website to find out when the FARM will be coming to your town.

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