If country music has taught us anything throughout the years, it has taught us this: never mess with a scorned woman. Because chances are, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

From Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” to the Chicks' “Goodbye Earl,” the ramifications of a pissed-off woman have long been documented in country songs. And with the Highway Women’s new single “Dead Man Walking,” exclusively premiering on Taste of Country on Thursday (March 11), country music fans have yet another song to add to this torrid mix.

“We wanted to shoot it straight for all of the ladies out there, no pun intended,” the Highway Women band members tell Taste of Country. “Never let anyone put you down, never take no for an answer and never let anyone get between you and that dream you are chasing.”

Featuring the harmonious growl of band members Drew Haley, Kristen Kae, Jess Paige and Bailey James, the Highway Women have long infused their music with a mix of strength and sassiness, a combination that has stirred up much interest in the country foursome as of late.

Originally formed in 2016, the Highway Women have certainly shown that they aren’t the type to fool around, especially when it comes to their music and their determination to be heard in an often-male-dominated genre. That drive is heard in their previous songs, including “Stand Up and Fight,” “God Made Me Right” and “Shake the Dust.”

Featuring fiery lyrics such as "if your lips are moving, then boy, you are lying," "Dead Man Walking" serves as a battle cry of sorts for the Highway Women, a revenge anthem that will certainly have any man shaking in his boots with just one listen. But perhaps even more importantly, it’s a song that serves as somewhat of a mission statement for this all-girl group that remains entrenched in the idea that one’s strength is by far the most beautiful of features.

“The world is yours for the taking so do your thing!" they advise.

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