The Highwomen — a supergroup of Brandi Carlile, Maren Morris, Amanda Shires and Natalie Hemby — amplify their support for women in the video for their new song, "Redesigning Women." Together with some of their fellow country women, they light the ultimate bonfire and celebrate themselves.

The "Redesigning Women" video opens with a fire engine pulling into an empty green field, the foursome stepping out to put fire gear on over their white T-shirts that display their band name. Dressed and ready to go, they hop back into the truck, Carlile in the driver's seat, with a pile of boxes stacked high on top.

Later, the Highwomen throw those boxes into a pile in the middle of the field. They turn the act of ridding oneself of unused items into a full-blown party, tossing out myriad old gems, including a "prom queen" sash and a neon green shawl they all take turns wearing, along with an ironing board and powder blue couch. But the purge becomes an all-out girlfriends' party when a white truck pulls up carrying Cam, Kassi Ashton, Wynonna Judd, Tanya Tucker, Lauren AlainaCassadee Pope and more of their country music peers.

As their female friends gather in a circle around them, the Highwomen throw gasoline on the pile of unwanted goods and light it on fire. In between shots of Hemby and Cam riding on a four-wheeler while Carlile tows Shires and Tucker, everyone dances around the fire waving rainbow ribbons in the air. The video concludes with the band of women raising their blue Solo cups in the air, the Highwomen embracing in a group hug in front of the bonfire as the screen fades to black.

The Highwomen released "Redesigning Women" early Friday morning (July 19). The video, which is directed and produced by Elizabeth Olmstead and Melissa Michalak, respectively, was unveiled shortly after. The song serves as the first single off the group's upcoming album, set to drop on Sept. 6.

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