The Reklaws have captured the perfect country party vibe with their new single, "Long Live the Night." Press play on the track above to hear the fun, infectious new single from the duo, which debuts exclusively with Taste of Country today.

The duo employ an interesting fusion of old and new for the single, which they will release officially on Friday (Feb. 16). Up-tempo acoustic guitar strumming underpins the track from the start, but the Reklaws fuse some fairly traditional elements with a contemporary sheen. All of it supports a singalong melody that is instantly addictive ear candy. The lyrics to "Long Live the Night" celebrate having a good time while you can, before the sun comes up.

"It's a song coming on / One that everyone knows / It's a bar, it's a field, it's a see where it goes / It's a guy and a girl hoping that sun don't rise / Singing long live the night," they sing in a chorus that showcases their natural family harmonies.

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The sibling duo of Jenna and Stuart Walker grew up on a farm in Cambridge, Ontario, in a family of seven, and both of them gravitated toward music early on. Their band name is actually their family name, Walker, spelled backward. A chance at a reality show based on their unique family situation brought them to Nashville, where they began to build a base as songwriters and performers. They're signed to UMG in Canada, and one of their songs, "Hometown Kids," has earned more than 1.2 Million streams on Spotify. After openings for artists including Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, Thomas Rhett and more, they are looking to build upon their previous success and bring their music to the U.S. in 2018

“We’ve been working so hard on new music that spoke exactly to who we are and our everyday lives," the Reklaws tell Taste of Country. "We wrote 'Long Live the Night' as a sum up of every moment in life when you wish one of those amazing nights would just never end. The words leave you feeling almost sad that you can’t make memories last forever but also serves as a reminder to live in the moment when the parts of a night become one of the many highlights you look back on the next day."

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