Monday night (May 6) was another brutal night on The Voice, with the Top 13 facing a cut in half yet again. This night had a bit of an interesting twist, as fans chose the songs for each contestant to deliver for America's votes.

Coach Blake Shelton had a full slate, but one of his country standouts was Dexter Roberts. The song the fans chose was Tim McGraw's 1999 hit, "Something Like That."

"Glad to see you representing that era," Shelton observed. "Dexter is a dream artist. He works so hard. He's the guy you want to be buddies with. He's truly that all-American dude."

"I'm glad the fans picked this song. They know me. They want me to stay country," Roberts said, adding that he has one particular fan he's thinking of. 

"I've got a special fan back home. Her name is Abby. She has cerebral palsy. I'm a fan of hers," he stresses. 

In a fun twist, the show flew out Abby and her family to watch Roberts perform that night. His delivery not only won over them, but also coach Kelly Clarkson, who raved about the "awesome" song choice and how he helped package the lifestyle that country music is so good at progressing. "That's the thing that connects. Really, really strong," she stressed.

Join us tomorrow (May 7) to see if he made the big cut!

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