On tonight's (Nov. 13) elimination episode of 'The Voice,' the bottom two vote getters, regardless of their team, were sent home. This move was a first in the show's history, but it wasn't shocking, since the tables have been turned many times with new conventions during this, the third season. So the stakes were upped and two teams were reduced. How did Blake Shelton's team fare with its fate completely in the American viewing audience's hands?

Before we found out who was in the bottom, Shelton said that if his three contestants -Terry McDermott, Cassadee Pope and Michaela Paige- are safe, then he trusts America. If they weren't, then he didn't. Simple as that. Sadly, he lost Paige, who was sent home.

By the midway point of the show, none of Team Blake's members had been saved. When host Carson Daly asked the singer if he was nervous that none of his charges had been upstreamed, he said, "When you say it like that, hell yes I am."

He didn't wait long after that point to find out that pop rocker Cassadee Pope was going on to the next round. Congrats, Cassadee!

Before the final announcement of who was staying and who was going, Shelton strapped on his trusty guitar and performed 'Life Is a Highway' with his beloved trio. It was essentially The Blake Shelton Band. At that point, we thought that there was no way that McDermott wouldn't be joining Pope to represent Shelton in the next live round.

We were right. McDermott found out he was moving forward right after performing. Shelton immediately got up and gave the rocker a bro hug, and it's clear these two have a great working relationship and dig each other. Hello, duet!

That had to be a tough performance for McDermott and Paige, since their fate was up in the air and their minds had to be occupied with thoughts of their future. However, they were consummate professionals.

Team Blake is down to its final two members. Good luck to McDermott and Pope.