On tonight's (Nov. 26) live performance episode of 'The Voice,' coach Blake Shelton saw his remaining two contestants perform, and both of them knocked it out of the park. It's down to the Top 8 on Season 3, and the competition is tougher than ever.

Here's how the last two standing for Team Blake did.

Terry McDermott: While Cassadee Pope rocketed to the top of the iTunes chart last week with her emotionally resonant cover of Miranda Lambert's 'Over You,' Scottish singer McDermott was not to be outdone and sang Shelton's 'Over.' At the top of the show, host Carson Daly asked why McDermott would be singing one of his tunes, to which Shelton said, "It was important for him to do this song, for as awkward as it may seem...no, I made him do my song." Before McDermott performed, Shelton explained that he felt that the singer could handle this song way better than he ever could, since it was penned by a rock band. He also wanted McDermott to show a different side of musical personality with a slower song, since up until this point, he was belting out big classic rock numbers. He turned in a dripping-with-emotion performance of 'Over,' and it made Shelton proud, as he gushed that McDermott did all the things he can't do, on a vocal level.

Cassadee Pope: She had her best week last week, obviously, with a country ballad. Tonight, she tackled Michelle Branch's 'Are You Happy Now?' Since Pope has a strained relationship with her father, she admitted that Blake has become like her crazy and fun adopted uncle. Shelton said that while Pope is not a country artist, she has the ability to tell stories, which is part and parcel of the country genre. She decided to tap into the anger she has and channel it into her performance, which would help her capture the spiteful vibe and pulse of the original. She strummed her guitar, sang her heart out and emerged as a frontrunner, since she followed last week's incredible moment with a fiery, unforgettable performance. Shelton said, "You came out here and dominated again tonight. You are seeing something important, America. Last week was about laying her heart on stage and connecting. Today, you showed you are just as good at singing, as anyone else. Thank you for being on my team."

Tune in tomorrow night (Nov. 27) to see if Shelton will maintain with two horses in the race.

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