Tonight (Nov. 7), The Voice's Season 13 Knockouts rounds conclude. In these rounds, team members are pitted against each other -- however, they don't sing together; each singer is allowed to perform a solo of their own choosing. One member wins, the other loses...and each coach is allowed one steal, should they choose to use it. (For what it's worth, only one coach, Jennifer Hudson, still has a steal to use at this point.)

Kelly Clarkson -- who is famously tied to another reality show, American Idol -- is on hand to help the teams, which are headed by coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Hudson and Miley Cyrus. Clarkson herself will be a coach when The Voice returns for Season 14 in the spring.

As always, country fans are eyeing Team Blake and his moves. This evening, his team members Megan Rose and Red Marlow went up against each other.

Rose, who was stolen by Shelton earlier in the season from Team Miley, decided to take on Carrie Underwood's anthem for tired workers everywhere, "Smoke Break." She presented it with with technical precision, but not quite the necessary heart to make it truly ring genuine.

Following was Marlow, who chose "Outskirts of Heaven" by Craig Campbell, and held an advantage by being basically the season's poster boy for country music, with a soothing, calm delivery suited to the ballad. The 40-year-old plainspoken singer won over Levine and Cyrus, both of whom praised his delivery ("No B.S.," noted Levine).

Shelton gave a judicious critique and consideration, but this round was way too easily won -- he of course went with the more solid country choice, Marlow.

Also, for those who were wondering -- Hudson used her last steal to grab Team Adam's eliminated Hannah Mrozak.

The Voice Season 13 will continue to air on Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC.

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