December 18 marked the final week of The Voice's Season 13 -- an exciting run that ended up seeing the final four contestants (Chloe Kohanski and Red Marlow from Team Blake Shelton, Addison Agen from Team Adam Levine and Brooke Simpson from Team Miley Cyrus) performing for viewers' votes. Each singer gets to do three songs: A cover, an original song, and a duet with their respective hopes of winning the title on Tuesday (Dec. 19).

Team Blake has two big fan favorites in the running, with Marlow being the uncontested down-home country representative of the entire season. For his original song, he brought forth a tune guaranteed to pull at heartstrings, as well as hit many chords with country music fans overall.

The song, "I Pray," is an unabashed ode to faith, which Marlow co-wrote after a friend's father passed away. The lyrics describe the comfort that comes from letting it all go to the Lord above: "I pray/I get down on my knees and drift away/He covers me with His amazing grace/When I need it/He fills that empty space/And it always seems to take the hurt away/When I pray."

After performing the song, Marlow won approval from his coach (of course), who seems confident in his solid country basis. He also received some glowing words from Coach Jennifer Hudson, who admired his sincerity, both in faith and as a country singer.

Tune in tomorrow (Dec. 19) to see who wins this very competitive season!

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