After a rockin' performance of 'Get Me Some of That' at the 2013 American Country Awards, Thomas Rhett has dropped a party video for the song!

It's not your typical love song -- or video for that matter -- and as far as Rhett is concerned, it also needs to be a party. In a crowded room full of Solo cups and dance moves, a guy and girl's eyes meet for a long glance and sweet smile.

When the song speeds up, the video cuts to Rhett, who is showing his playful side while singing in a sea of slow motion dancers. He also showcases a few dance moves (a la Luke Bryan) and some hip-shaking.

The guy in the video finally gets the courage to talk to the pretty girl he's been eyeing across the room when he's swooped up by a friend for some crowd surfing (unusual for a country video). But when the crowd drops him, guess who's there to pick him up?

We also see a brief cameo from none other than Rhett's wife, Lauren, who stops the singer dead in his tracks for a moment. When 'Get Me Some of That' ends, the video couple share a kiss that may just be a soul saver.