'It Goes Like This' is the safest of the three singles Thomas Rhett has released, but he sacrifices nothing in sharp songwriting in his effort to land a hit on country radio. The charismatic songwriter is a natural storyteller, and his lyrics bounce to life with each verse and chorus. 

Rhett's previous two singles didn't realize their full potential for reasons beyond his control. Rookie status prevented 'Something to Do With My Hands' from reaching the Top 10, and an unfortunate misunderstanding doomed 'Beer With Jesus.' 'It Goes Like This' is more straightforward -- a simple love song from a guitar man to a beautiful woman.

"Hey girl, you make me wanna write a song / Sit you down and sing it to you all night long / I've had a melody in my head since you walked in here and knocked me dead / Yeah girl you make me wanna write a song," Rhett sings to begin the song.

An infectious chorus separates this song from other love songs, but it's not nearly as contagious without this singer's unencumbered delivery. Rhett seems like a man who puts his full emotion into every recording, and in the end that's what pushes this track well beyond ordinary.

"And it goes like ooh, what I wouldn't do / To write my name on your heart get you wrapped in my arms baby all around you / And it goes like hey, girl I'm blown away / It starts with a smile and it ends with an all night long slow kiss / It goes like this."

The worry when releasing something safe to radio is that you'll end up safe and forgettable. 'It Goes Like This' is better than that. It will easily get stuck in your head after a listen or two, although it may not be the potential career kickstart Rhett's previous singles could've been.

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