Anticipation for Thomas Rhett's 2017 album Life Changes has been feverish, but the singer is just as anxious to create its follow-up.

Rhett has experienced some significant 'life changes' since the release of 2015's Tangled Up. He and wife Lauren endured a long adoption process to bring one-year-old daughter Willa Gray home from Uganda, a goal they accomplished in May of 2017, and brought a new child into the world with the birth of Ada James on Aug. 12. Rhett has also charted several No. 1 hits in between.

Thomas Rhett Shares How Family Inspired New Song, "Life Changes"

Rhett's girls have play a big role in crafting his Life Changes album, and it sounds like they'll be the subject of the next one, too. The fast-rising superstar says he's gathered so much experience from his time as a father that he already has working titles in his phone for his next project.

"It feels like I'm already anxious to make the next one," Rhett tells Taste of Country and other media about what it feels like to have Life Changes ready to release. "I've been living with these songs for forever and so for it to finally come out is a huge weight off my shoulders. I'm very excited for the fans to hear it, to finally get to play some of these songs live, but in my head I'm like 'ok, that's done.' Even though everybody else hasn't heard it, I'm ready to start writing for the next one."

Even the simplest moments are cause for inspiration. The "Unforgettable" singer admits that precious moments like Willa Gray walking around, or watching Ada as she sleeps are influencing his new material. "There's just random things that have definitely caught my attention through my kids that I never thought of that way to write that song," he says. "So I'm really excited to get in the room with some great songwriters and try to just hash out whatever it is going on in my head."

Life Changes is out Sept. 8. The singer is leading it with a No. 1 single, as "Craving You" featuring Maren Morris topped the country charts in July of 2017.

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