Thomas Rhett once set lofty goals for his country music career, but now he may be setting even loftier goals for his family life.

In a recent interview with ABC News Radio, the country singer expressed that although he's content with his wife, Lauren, and two children — 22-month-old Ada James and 3-year-old Willa Gray — he may have regrets if the couple stops at just two kids.

“If we stopped having kids now, I know I’d wake up at 45 and go, ‘We should’ve had five more,’” Rhett admits, “Because I really do want to be able to sit at a Thanksgiving or Christmas table with the most gigantic family on the planet.”

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Thomas and Lauren, both 29, adopted their first daughter, Willa, from Uganda in May of 2017 and welcomed their second daughter, Ada, just three months later in August 2017. As the timeline implies, Lauren was pregnant with Ada when the couple adopted Willa.

“They say that going from one to two is the hardest thing you’ll do as a parent,” Rhett says. “I don’t know if that’s true ’cause I haven’t lived it yet, but going from two to three and maybe four and five, I’m just gonna embrace it and know that we can accomplish anything. ...  ‘Cause there is nothing more fun than being around my children. So I can only imagine it gets more fun the more that you have.”

So wait, is Lauren onboard with this? Well, in a 2018 interview with Access Online, Rhett said of his wife, "Lauren wants to have five kids before she turns 34. That is her plan. So you can probably expect three new babies in the next five years. She's the boss."

Sounds like the couple is on the same page, so expect future baby news from these two!

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