Rumor has it that Tim McGraw may make another silver screen appearance in the next year. According to CMT, the 'Live Like You Were Dying' singer is being considered for a starring role in the remake of the 1976 Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand flick, 'A Star Is Born.'

Clint Eastwood is producing the new edition of the film, which was initially set to begin filming in February of 2012. That schedule may have been altered, as hip-hop queen Beyonce was on the books for the female lead ... And is now expecting a baby with mogul Jay-Z that same month.

While McGraw's name on the credits would certainly draw country music fans to the box office, he wasn't the first choice for the co-starring male role. Reportedly, movie star Leonardo DiCaprio was asked to play the part of John Norman Howard, but turned it down. That's what sent the casting agent on a hunt for McGraw, who is now in talks with the crew.

We may be biased, but McGraw would be a much better choice than DiCaprio for this particular flick, and he really owned his roles in 'The Blind Side' and 'Country Strong.' 'A Star Is Born' is estimated to hit theaters sometime in 2013.