Tim McGraw is a man of many talents, a fact that his legion of fans is well aware of. He sings and acts, and has been praised for his acting talent in roles in films like 'The Blind Side' and 'Country Strong.' The 'Highway Don't Care' singer doesn't want to stop at movies and would continue to expand his resume. He'd love the chance to perform on a stage of a different sort -- that of Broadway! He'd also consider a move to the small screen, as well.

Calling a stint on Broadway or starring on a TV show prospects that are "interesting to me," McGraw said that he has had offers to appear on the Great White Way and on the boob tube, but they didn't fit his schedule so he had to pass at the time. But he has not ruled out making the leap eventually.

"I've had a few offers to do some things that timing wise didn’t work out for me," the father of three daughters said (quote via GAC). "But I certainly could see that down the road when more time opened up."

Just because he is one of the most beloved singers in the country genre does not make it a foregone conclusion that McGraw would want to appear in a musical, either. Instead, he'd like to stretch his creative muscles and tackle a serious part.

He just has to clear a swath of space on his schedule.

“There’s such a time commitment to do any of those things,” the busy superstar admitted. “Broadway’s such a long-time commitment. TV’s the same thing. That’s one of the things about movies. It’s a little bit shorter of a time commitment but still, finding time to do anything is tough.”

When the time is right, we look forward to the possibility of seeing Tim McGraw on the Broadway stage or the small screen.