Tim McGraw has always melted hearts through tearjerkers like 'My Best Friend' and 'It's Your Love.'  In fact, he has a plethora of songs that have the ability to provoke happy tears. But recently, McGraw has shown his tenderhearted nature through ways other than his music.

Ever since he teamed up with Operation Homefront last summer to provide mortgage-free homes to military families during each stop of his Brothers of the Sun Tour, many tears have been shed because of McGraw's kindness, which is spurred out of his own gratitude to military families. If you want a refresher on some of those touching moments, just relive the time that the 'Truck Yeah' hitmaker gave one family a new home... and puppy.

US Magazine reports that McGraw continues his generous ways in an upcoming new 'Cake Boss' episode, airing Feb. 11, in which he gifts a military family in a sweetly-special way. In the episode, McGraw shows his appreciation for the United States Armed Forces by saying, "Our veterans and our wounded warriors give so much to our country. They do so much for us."

He then introduces the cake boss himself, Buddy Valastro, who wheels out a giant cake for the family in the shape of a pickup truck. And that's not it: a tasty two-story home is perched on top of the tasty truck bed, and as McGraw explains, "This is not just a cake, this represents a real house that you guys are going to get."

Be sure not to miss the 'Cake Boss' episode featuring the country music superstar. You might shed a few tears, but they'll certainly be sweet.