Tim McGraw is a singer, songwriter, fitness enthusiast, husband, dad … wait, he cooks, too? What can’t this guy do?

We admit: there have been frequent times that McGraw's Instagram photos caused us to start salivating. He may be a health nut, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to eat. Don't forget, he's Southern! Whether it's a simple night in or a holiday feast, McGraw is apparently right at home in his beautiful kitchen. Not a bad deal for Faith Hill, eh? Below we’ve compiled some of his top FOMO-inducing meals he’s featured on Instagram:

1. When he grilled up a tuscan feast. NBD.

It’s hard to argue with a man’s grilling skills when the finished product looks like this. It’s enough to make vegetarians consider having a cheat day.

2. When his chicken marsala looked better than most restaurants’.

Olive Garden, eat your heart out. McGraw not only dons a frilly apron like a boss, but he whips up a chicken marsala that looks like it puts most restaurants to shame. Though he admits he made a mess in the process, we doubt Hill minded all that much.

3. When he made chicken and dumplings for his wife. From scratch.

Hill recently had to undergo foot surgery to gear up for the couple’s upcoming tour, so while she was recovering, McGraw took it upon himself to make a Southern delicacy — chicken and dumplings — for her. Starting from the very beginning. It’s particularly special to the two because it’s a meal that brought them together when they were just dating. That’s a man you want around.

4. When he contributed the Southern staple of cornbread to Thanksgiving dinner.

You know it’s a good Southern Thanksgiving when you’re four pans deep in cornbread. McGraw posted a photo of four rounds of cornbread stacked high, waiting to be made into dressing for dinner, which some might consider the most important part.

5. When he showed off his meatball-making skills.

Meatballs for Christmas may not be a universal tradition, but if the exclamation points McGraw uses in the caption are any indication, they must be one of his favorites. The perfectly formed little guys are laid neatly across two pans in the photo, cooling off and getting ready for consumption. Mmm.

6. When he revealed this meal as his ultimate comfort food.

McGraw's Southern roots are clearly evident in this post: black eyed peas, cornbread, deviled eggs, sweet tea — he describes it as Heaven (with the addition of snow, a fire and of course, his beautiful wife.) What else could you need, really?

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