Tim McGraw knows country music. And after being in the industry for years, he understands that the genre isn't just for fans who love cowboy hats and banjos -- or for individuals who live in tailored suits and shiny cars.

At its core, country music, according to McGraw, is for everyone.

"I think country music’s for everybody in a lot of different ways," McGraw says (quote via GAC). "You can sing a love song and anybody can relate to a love song. You can sing a song about your family and anybody can relate to a song about their family."

"Country music at its core is a set of values that we represent when we sing," the country superstar adds. "That’s what really appeals to middle America and blue-collar workers.”

In Tim McGraw's mind, country music is much, much more than honky tonks, trucks and southern twangs. Ultimately, the genre is based on values that are true to everyday, hardworking people.

In addition to keeping up his successful country music career, McGraw is also working on another film -- this time alongside Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney.