Singing certainly runs in the McGraw household — when your parents are Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, it would be unnatural if it didn't. For Gracie, the eldest of the three McGraw sisters, the ability to sing meant the opportunity to show her skills on Dad's album.

McGraw shared the above video on his Facebook page, sampling a studio version of "Here Tonight," a song off his upcoming album Damn Country Music. He also talks of recording the song with his daughter and performing it for the very first time live in Nashville.

The Tennessean reports that while Tim McGraw was working on "Here Tonight," he couldn't shake hearing his daughter Gracie's voice on the track.

"When we were working on this song, I just kept hearing her voice on 'Here Tonight,'" he says. "I was afraid to ask her because she’s way cooler than I am, and I was scared to death that she would say no."

Nervous about asking Gracie to sing on the song, he looked to wife Faith Hill for her opinion. Her advice: "You're on your own."

"She said, 'If you're brave enough to ask her, you've got to take what comes,'" McGraw recalls.

So, McGraw decided to ask his daughter by sending her the song. Her response? "That’s cool, Dad. I like it." And then the two hit the studio together.

Watch McGraw and daughter Gracie perform the song live in Nashville below. McGraw's new album, Damn Country Music, is available Nov. 6.

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