An extended teaser video for the premiere of 1883 proves that the Yellowstone prequel has room for more than just gun fights, wagon fires and tired migrants searching for land.

A short clip finds the show's two stars (Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, as James and Margaret Dutton) taking a bath together.

The on-screen couple look to have more than washing off a day's worth of grime on their minds. In the scene (found at about 1:00 below), Hill's Margaret Dutton smiles and holds her husband's face before he wraps her up for a long kiss. There's not a stitch of clothing to be found — instead of late 19th century couture, we have to settle for the actor's muscular back.

In real life, McGraw and Hill are married, making this moment all the more provocative.

The rest of the nearly two-minute teaser video focuses on the hardships of life in the 1890s, but pauses long enough for viewers to enjoy the landscapes. It's narrated by Dutton daughter Elsa, played by Isabel May. She shares a bit more of the plot, including a separation of two journeys: One filled with danger, death and despair, and another filled with adventure and wonder. The Duttons look to have chosen the second journey, although that couldn't be known until both were over, which raises some interesting questions about the show.

Is the entire series a look back at something that already happened? Does 1883 follow two major plotlines and if so, do they intersect or continue to run concurrently?

Earlier this week, Paramount+ released the full cast for 1883, including descriptions for many new characters. It all paints a portrait of a very gritty Old West, filled with characters you're not sure you can trust. Sam Elliott and Billy Bob Thornton are the two other major actors attached to this newest Taylor Sheridan drama.

1883 begins on Dec. 19 on Paramount+. Taste of Country's new Dutton Rules podcast will recap the premiere and all episodes and bring the latest news and analysis.

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