Whether country power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are joking around in a bloopers video or singing the heartfelt lyrics of 'It's Your Love,' magic happens when they're together. That's why it's especially exciting that McGraw is still considering a potential album with his wife. 

In a recent interview with CMT Radio, the 'Highway Don't Care' singer confirms that he and his Hill definitely want to collaborate together on more duets at some point. But, there are some stipulations. Not only does the timing need to work (as they have busy careers and three daughters), the songs have to be spot-on, too.

"It's about the songs -- when the song comes along that's the right song for us to do," McGraw dishes. "I mean, we don't want to just go cut a song to be cutting a song together. I think that waters [down] what we do -- not as a family or a couple but what we do as a singing couple."

It's a choice we fully support, as the expectations for another duet are high -- and it's going to be hard to follow hits such as 'I Need You' and 'Let's Make Love.' But it will just come down to the song that strikes a chord in both Hill and McGraw.

For now, fans can get their fill of the two singers together at their Soul2Soul show at the Venetian in Las Vegas, which begins again Oct. 25.