After spending decades in the country music limelight, you would think that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill could record promotional materials in one simple take. It turns out, McGraw and Hill have their bloopers just like everyone else. You can see all of them in a reel of outtakes from a series of videos they recorded -- or tried to record -- for their Facebook and Twitter followers.

The blooper reel starts off with the King and Queen of Country stumbling through a message to their Facebook fans. McGraw slips up and Hill starts giggling.

"You guys are really making us work here, okay?" Hill says. "Let's just see how hard we can make this."

"We're just singers," McGraw chimes in.

For the rest of the 80-second video, Hill belts out sentences in her powerful singing voice, McGraw gets words wrong over and over again, and the country music couple distracts each other by giggling at the most inopportune times.

If they weren't so cute together, it might be kind of annoying, but actually, McGraw and Hill are even endearing when they're stumbling through their lines.

In the blooper reel, the most difficult thing for Hill and McGraw seems to be saying hello to their Twitter followers. The 'Truck Yeah' hitmaker calls them "twits" at one point, earning an major eye roll from his wife. A few seconds later, she stumbles over the words "twitter followers" and he laughs at her.

The outtakes are from videos McGraw and Hill made to promote their Soul2Soul concert residency at the Venetian in Las Vegas. We're sure their Twitter and Facebook followers will appreciate the edited end product, but we might like this blooper reel better.

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