Tim McGraw appeared on 'Regis and Kelly' yesterday morning without his signature black cowboy hat! It was a rarely seen look for the superstar, who talked about his upcoming 15th wedding anniversary to wife and fellow country singer Faith Hill. McGraw admitted that he fell in love with his wife ... feet first!

McGraw recalled the first picture he saw of his wife, and it involved her feet. "I was still getting my career going and I saw a picture in Billboard magazine, with her laying on the couch and you could barely see her, but she had the prettiest feet," McGraw said. "No corns, no bunions or anything like that!" We're glad to hear Faith Hill gets pedicures.

The duo married on Oct. 6, 1996, and McGraw admitted that he and his missus tried to plan their wedding a few times. They pulled it off by being secretive, even with their families. They wed under the guise of a celebrity charity softball game in his Louisiana hometown. They didn't tell anyone and kept it a big secret. "We got married under the locust tree in my aunt's backyard," he said. How romantic!

The couple will celebrate the big anniversary not with a concert, but at a high school football game in Nashville, where their three daughters attend school.

McGraw also talked about his acting successes, as he was on the breakfast program to promote the new film 'Dirty Girl,' out on Friday. He said that country music has been good to him, so he favors that part of his career. If he had to choose which medium to stay in, he'd choose music. "I have three daughters and they like shoes a lot, so I'd have to say music," McGraw joked about his lucrative job.

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