Neighborly disputes are often common, but country couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are dealing with a major dispute related to not them, but their home. Apparently, the trust that owns the couple's $12 million Nashville living quarters is being sued by neighbors who claim their abode is being damaged due to negligent action on behalf of the trust.

Here's the nitty gritty: Ernest and Jennifer Gendron are suing the 1152 Crater Hill Trust in Davidson County Chancery Court, according to the Nashville City Paper. The Gendrons live downhill from the McGraw-Hill home and claim that damage from the May 2010 Nashville flood is still creating a negative effect on their structure, as downed trees and other forest material from the couple's property heaped upon the Gendrons' property post-flood.

Additionally, the flood also damaged the natural drainage system, so now water slides into the Gendrons’ patio area, house foundation, basement and garage.

In short, it sounds like a real mess -- both land-wise and legally.

The Gendrons also claim that they have tried to amend this situation and have reached out, but that they've been stonewalled. The suit read as follows: "The Plaintiffs have attempted in good-faith, to reach out and negotiate with Defendant to avoid a public and contentious legal action but the Defendant has either refused to agree to corrective action or has misled the Plaintiffs into believing action was imminent, only to take no action."

Bill Ramsey, the attorney for 1152 Crater Hill Trust, made an interesting point that may or may not hold water -- no pun intended. He claims that that the suit is about land, and even endeavored to say that the problems the Gendrons are experiencing are the fault of the land.

He blamed nature, saying, "When you have a flood, funny things happen with land so … some dirt slid and some trees fell… It's really whose land is at fault. It's really like a nuisance lawsuit against the land."