New Year's is still a few months away, but country music couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are already nailing down their resolution for 2012: to release new albums.

That will be an especially big feat for McGraw, who has been battling with his record company to release new music since his last album hit in 2009. Curb Records and the 'Live Like You Were Dying' singer are scheduled to meet in court to discuss the matter this November. If the battle is successful for McGraw, it's likely we'd hear new tunes by very early in the new year.

"I really feel like there's a lot more ahead of me than behind me,'' McGraw tells the Sydney Morning Herald of where he's headed in his career. ''I'm really just starting to figure out what I want to do and the music I want to make. I'm only about 30 per cent into my career. It's been foothills until now.''

As for Hill, she tells the Australian paper that she's got plans for a new album as well -- even spilling that the next will be her deepest record yet. ''I'm a lover of soul music,'' Hill says. "I was brought up in the church and that was the first music I ever heard and ever performed. I've tried to infuse that into my albums over the years but I haven't been able to do that until this one. I feel like I've dug a little deeper than previously. I fought for that space within myself and I found it.''

McGraw and Hill will head down under in March for an expansive joint tour, touching all of the major cities in Australia. The Tim McGraw/Faith Hill 2012 Australian Tour kicks off officially at the Burswood Dome in Perth on March 14.

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