Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are incredibly excited for their March 2012 tour in Australia. AAP caught up with the pair, who shared their love for the fans Down Under and confirmed that those lucky country music fans will be the only ones to see the husband and wife duo tour together next year.

"We had so much fun as a family, we loved the crowd response and we loved the people in Australia and our kids had a great time," McGraw commented. Hill echoed his sentiment, saying that she too can't wait to travel to the outback again, following a one-song performance with her husband in Brisbane last year. She said, "I've always wanted to perform there, and now it's the right time. I have great fans there."

McGraw and Hill will hit all of the big city hubs -- Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and more -- in hopes that their March run will quench Aussie fans' thirst. Hill confirmed by phone that Australia will be the only place that she and her 'Live Like You Were Dying' loved one will perform together. "We'll only be touring together next year in Australia," she said.

This joint tour marks the first time in five years that the couple have done a length run of shows together, the last being their Soul2Soul II tour, which grossed more money than any other tour ever. McGraw admitted, "When our manager brought up the idea of tour again together [in Australia] we didn't think twice about it."

Perhaps the iconic country music couple is able to keep fans coming back again and again because their love relationship is real; just as fresh as the day it started. "I feel pretty lucky to be up on stage with him. I still love staring at him," Hill said of the man she has been married to for the past 15 years.

McGraw says he feels the same way. "She is the best there is. She is in an elite class of singers, I'm not even the same room as her when it comes to vocal talent," he gushed. "But our chemistry really works -- the roughness of my voice and the power of her voice. She comes from a soul, R&B influence and I come from a 70s, southern rock influence, but strangely the combination works great."

The fact that their relationship is strong, McGraw said, "makes it work all the better."

The Tim McGraw/Faith Hill 2012 Australian tour kicks off at the Burswood Dome in Perth on March 14.