Tim McGraw hits notes not thought to be in his repertoire during "The Rest of Our Life," a new song with wife Faith Hill. The piano-heavy love song is the second official listen to the couple's upcoming studio album.

Fans can listen to "The Rest of Our Life" above, or watch the video for the song via Amazon Music Unlimited. There's nothing tricky about the lyrics to "The Rest of Our Life," the title-track from a new album set for Nov. 17. The pair are singing about forever love as a couple who has yet to visit the altar. Nervously McGraw asks his bride for her hand with, "Have you made plans for the rest of your life," and cheerfully she tells him she has been thinking of baby names for months.

"The Rest of Our Life" will be an easy choice for a wedding song for many fans of McGraw and Hill. It's made for the first dance and is a blessing for a long, lasting marriage. The high point is a chorus at which he nearly does a Prince impression. One imagines that even Hill had to step back and say "Dang son!" at "I'll be FINE!"

Did You Know?: Pop singe Ed Sheeran co-wrote McGraw and Hill's "The Rest of Our Life."

All About Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's "The Rest of Our Life"

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, "The Rest of Our Life" Lyrics:

Sitting with you in a dark room / Warmed by a fire place / No there's just something about you, you brighten my day / I got something to run past you / I just hope I say it right / So I take your hand and ask you / Have you made plans for the rest of your life.

There's one thing I should be giving up, giving up now / And that's worrying about life / Oh I'll be fine if my gray hair shows / I'll be fine if my waist line goes / I'll be fine even if time takes it toll / We'll stay young for the rest of our lives.

I've been making plans for children / Since I've been looking in your eyes / I even have names picked out for them / Daughter be Rose, son would be Ryan.

I don't really care about those storm clouds brewing / As long as your here by my side / Oh we'll be young / Oh we'll be young / Oh we'll be young. 

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