The year was 2004. Tim McGraw was at the peak of his career, having just released 'Live Like You Were Dying.' Hulk Hogan was at the tail end of his professional wrestling run, but would soon move on to star in a reality TV show called 'Hogan Knows Best' and then in another not-so-safe for television special that got him in hot water with his family and fans. 

In this Throwback Thursday photo, the country singer is looking his best for the Radio Music Awards, while Hogan chose his favorite track pants and a T-shirt aimed to get viewers of that night's broadcast to vote in the presidential election that would take place just seven days later (President Bush vs. John Kerry). We're not sure what the two legends discussed during this impromptu backstage meeting, although we can say with certainty no leg drops or body slams were exchanged.

McGraw is a different man today. He looks almost chubby by comparison in this Throwback Thursday shot. A dedicated exercise routine and commitment to alcohol-free living has helped him shed weight and work himself into top physical shape. Heck, maybe he could even take on the Hulkster today. Can you say "steel cage match"?