A country music radio station in Charlottesville, Va., asked kids to talk about unity, love and kindness, and then set their answers to Tim McGraw's hit song "Humble and Kind." In the wake of Saturday's violence, their answers are so simple, yet so powerful.

A radio DJ can be heard asking kids if they saw the violence on television over the weekend, referring to the violent protests sparked by white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville. The youngest kids did see it, but didn't understand why they were fighting. When asked what they say to people they might have disagreements with, one child says profoundly: "I try to talk to them and work it out."

Lenny Ovadia from WOGI-FM Pittsburgh produced the audio, which was aired by WCYK-FM, Hit Kicker 99.7 in Charlottesville. Morning show host Tom Morgan (who put the video together) writes, "Just like you, I turned on the TV and saw our town on national news. All for the wrong reasons. Watching the hate made me sad, angry, confused, pretty much all of the above."

The kids' responses will heal a few wounds. "It doesn't matter if they look different, that's how they were made," one child says midway through in what is the most tear-jerking moment of the song remix. McGraw himself recognized the moment on Instagram by posting a shortened version and saying that the station "sent me their version of 'Humble and Kind' they played on air over the weekend amid the violent white supremacist attack on freedom and respect. #StayHumbleandKind"

The singer has remained at the forefront of reactions from country music singers. On Wednesday he paid tribute to the woman killed when a car sped into a large group of protesters. A caption on his photo simply reads, "HeatherHeyer #Charlottesville."

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