Tim McGraw is a gentleman and a performer! At the Washington State stop of his Emotional Traffic Tour over the weekend, the crowd got out of hand, and McGraw had to lasso control of the mob. Take this lesson away from the video: Tim McGraw does not tolerate obnoxious drunks ruining it for everyone.

According to 92.9 The Bull, a woman was pushed into the pit. This eyewitness account alleges that she was "totally wasted" and prevented other McGraw fans from getting close to the stage to enjoy the show, and that she eventually spilled her drink on other concertgoers. We have had that happen to us and it's really annoying.

McGraw had a bird's eye view of the events as they unfolded before him, and he came to the rescue, apparently tossing out the drunk girl as well as two other drunk attendees who were cursing at her and possibly threatening to hit her. What a mess!

In the video below, McGraw helps one fan to her feet by pulling her to the stage, and then engages in a little one-sided conversation with a crowd member, saying, "Taking it easy" and "You've got no choice in the matter," presumably letting the rowdy, rabble rousing fan know he was being tossed out and was not going to be able to argue his way out of it. It is Tim McGraw's show, and he'll do what he wants.

It's hard to tell what exactly happened, but this video does demonstrate one unassailable fact -- and that's that you don't mess with Tim McGraw. The singer doesn't take any trouble from intoxicated people interfering with the rest of his fans enjoying his performances. Go Tim!

Watch Tim McGraw Kick Out Troublemakers at His Washington Concert