Ahh! Tim McGraw has taken over Taste of Country in celebration of his 'Sundown Heaven Town' album! Over the next two weeks, find loads of exclusive content like fun live videos, behind-the-scenes pictures, enticing interview tidbits and more. Two weeks of Tim? It's every country fan's dream.

Tim McGraw has spent a large portion of 2014 out on the road for his Sundown Heaven Town Tour, traveling the country and promoting his new album. This concert clip -- available exclusively for Taste of Country readers -- shows just a slice of the delicious pie you get when you see the superstar in concert, but it's a hot bite. Watch McGraw perform 'Mexicoma' in Phoenix!

"We came all the way from Nashville, Tennessee to be with you here tonight in Phoenix, Arizona," McGraw says in the video, speaking to an eager, energetic crowd. "We will be your entertainment for the remainder of the evening, ladies and gentleman."

Once the band starts rockin', the 'Shotgun Rider' singer throws his hands up and gets the crowd even more pumped. And true to any good 'Mexicoma,' somehow, some lady ends up without her hot pink bra. McGraw picks it up and takes it to his guitarist, hanging it off the electric for the duration of the fun song.

The 2015 Taste of Country Music Festival headliner sings his heart out during his 'Mexicoma,' kneeling near the crowd and even reaching out to high five one young fan during the tune.

Like what you hear? Be sure to buy Tim McGraw’s ‘Sundown Heaven Town’ here.

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