Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's little girls aren’t so little anymore, with their oldest, Gracie having gone off to college last year, and the others close behind. McGraw sat down with the AJ & Ashley show and talked about his daughters in light of his most recent hit, “Humble and Kind."

The song has become a sort of anthem from one generation to the next, and as such it has been a popular choice for graduation ceremonies around the country. When asked for advice for the class of 2016, McGraw noted he’s got a close connection to that group.

“I have a member of the class of 2016,” McGraw shares proudly. “My middle daughter, Maggie, just graduated high school."

He added that his message to the class would be similar to the tune he’s been singing: treat people with kindness, take advantage of opportunities you’re given and don’t take anything for granted. Though McGraw didn’t write “Humble and Kind,” he said he thought about his kids when he recorded it, especially since his oldest was about to leave for college, and couldn’t get through a take without crying. Now Gracie’s about to start her second year of college, but McGraw says she didn’t really need any help getting through freshman year.

“I don’t think she asks for any of my advice on homework; she’s a lot smarter than I am,” he says with a laugh.

McGraw shared that his youngest, Audrey, is starting her first year of high school in the fall, and that he couldn’t be more proud of his daughters.

“They’re all great girls,” he gushes. “They’re growing up and turning into beautiful, strong, talented, confident young ladies."

He credits Hill for those particular qualities.

“If you have three daughters, you couldn’t have a better role model than their mom,” he says.

McGraw recently released his new record, Damn Country Music, which features “Humble and Kind.” The ballad was also turned into a book, featuring Lori McKenna’s lyrics with accompanying images and a foreword by McGraw. McKenna also wrote an epilogue for the adaptation, which released May 17.

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