Although he's a big country superstar now, things haven't always been easy for Tim McGraw. He stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and chatted with the host about rough venues and offstage fights.

While discussing the amount of trucks and buses his new tour would have, Kimmel wanted McGraw to think back on his early days — the not-so-easy days. Back then, he didn't even have a truck.

"We had a van," McGraw explains, adding, "We called it our Cheech and Chong van riding around back in those days. We pulled a U-Haul trailer, we traveled all over the country playing music."

Those venues weren't always the safest. In fact, at one venue someone pointed out the bullet holes behind the stage. They were from the night before.

"We were hoping we would be good enough that they wouldn't shoot at us," McGraw says. Although he now talks about it with a smile, he also says that it's something all up-and-coming artists have to deal with to make it.

"That's part of any band coming up, you have to play in some rough places, especially as a country singer. I think that's sort of part of your repertoire."

It's not just slightly dangerous venues that McGraw has experienced. He's also seen some fights, and even been in a few! Watch the clip above to see what the "Shotgun Rider" has to say about fighting and watch him perform on the show below.

Tim McGraw Through the Years

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