Tim McGraw didn't go the expected route in his video for 'Southern Girl.' He didn't fill the clip with tons of beautiful girls from the south in shorts and T-shirts with American flags. Rather, it's a live video of the singer in concert, with seamlessly sewn together footage from his tour, spliced with candid scenes of his fans, both male and female.

That's where the Southern girls come in, as they are fans of McGraw, though he did not make this video an homage to the songs title and subject matter.

There are more shots of McGraw's band members than there are of hotties and hunnies, but there are plenty of clips of tailgaters of both sexes having a good time in the parking lot, as well as in the crowd when McGraw takes the stage.

More than anything, the 'Southern Girl' video gives fans a taste of what it's like to take in a Tim McGraw concert in Anytown, U.S.A.