After speaking about a new album in 2022, Tim McGraw is finally pulling back the curtain on some new music. While sitting in what he calls his "Griswold family cruiser" in a new Instagram video, McGraw announced that the title of his next song will be called "Standing Room Only" and it's scheduled to arrive March 10.

Then, he played the first verse.

"I get so mad at things that don't matter way too much / I let the way back when's and my old friends scatter like there were dust / I get to chasin' that rainbow, pot of gold, right into the pourin' rain / With nothing to show for it standing there soaking wet / Looking up shakin' my fist as the thunder rolls / Now and then on nights like this I catch a thunder bolt," he sings on the piano-led track.

It feels like one of those self-reflective, humble songs that McGraw has been known to release — "Humble and Kind" and "Live Like You Were Dying" are tracks that would be filed under the same category.

Whether or not the "Down on the Farm" singer will share more before the song's release is yet to be determined. He posted the brief clip on Thursday (March 2) — just one day prior, he had teased his fans about the next day's video.

He opted to film both videos in his family's old Cadillac Escalade, boasting that they've had that same vehicle for nearly 18 years. He says they can't seem to get rid of it because of all the memories it holds.

"We've done a lot of cross-country trips. I've hauled my girls, you know, all their stuff to L.A. to New York, everywhere," he reminisces. "Lots of cheerleading practices and all that stuff and I think for years we found Happy Meal fries in this car until we finally got it cleaned up good."

It's likely the same vehicle he road-tripped in with his family during the summer of 2020. He also took a trip with his daughter Gracie in 2019 and enjoyed some car karaoke.

Hopefully his next road trip will be a tour to promote a new album. In 2022 he told Country Countdown USA's Lon Helton that he was in the midst of working on new music and had already mixed about eight songs, at the time. Should that work result in a new album, it will be his 17th studio project.

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