Tim McGraw might be surrounded by pickup trucks in the video for his single, 'Truck Yeah,' but the superstar says his regular ride is not quite so macho or glamorous.

"Right now I drive the Griswold family cruiser most of the time," McGraw jokingly told CMT Radio Live with Cody Alan. "It's this 10-year-old Cadillac SUV that's all beat up that I drive around. The only reason I drive it, mainly, [is] because there is a lot of room and I'm always hauling teenage girls everywhere  I've got a carload of cheerleaders all the time. It's the only car that I have that I know how to use the hands-free phone in, and it's because it's 10 years old. I haven't caught up with technology now, so I drive around in that all the time."

When Tim is not chauffeuring teenagers around, he does have a few hot rides. "I have a couple of Jeeps I drive around in," he says.

The superstar also reminisced about his first car. "My grandfather and grandmother gave me this old [Chevrolet] Monte Carlo that they had. The headliner in the roof had thumbtacks in the headliner because it was sagging down," says McGraw.

McGraw and wife Faith Hill are preparing for their upcoming Soul 2 Soul show at the Venetian Las Vegas. The show will run from Dec. 7 through April 27.

"It's gonna be a fun show. It's great that we get to do it together," McGraw says. "That was the ultimate thing, for us is to be able to go do some shows together and not have to be out on the road and away from the kids and traveling back and forth so much. It's 10 weekends and they are pretty spread out so we can go in and out really quickly and only be gone for a day or so."

McGraw shares that his wife Faith's talent go far beyond music--she is helping to design the show. "She's great at that," says McGraw. "On top of keeping my schedule together, her schedule together, the kids' schedule together, she's got her single coming out and her album finishing up. She's a lot more organized than I am."

Having recently wrapped his Brothers of the Sun tour with Kenny Chesney and now preparing for Soul2Soul, avid sports fan McGraw has been enjoying the football season in his spare time. Althoug, he jokes that he tuned in to NBC's Sunday Night Football kickoff  just to see his wife's opening commercial. "Man, she looked hot, I'm telling ya," McGraw says of his wife's performance.


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