Boys will boys, especially while they are on tour together. Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw are currently on the road for their Brothers of the Sun tour and while these two country superstars are indeed like brothers, that doesn't prevent them from messing with each other a little while on the road. Sounds like sibling behavior.

It turns out McGraw is having a little fun at Chesney's expense, trying to tempt his tourmate into breaking his diet by testing his will power. He does so by sending him tasty and tempting treats, like cake and other mouth-watering desserts.

That might be akin to cruelty in some people's eyes, but Chesney's will is ironclad. "Tim knows I've been trying to lean my body down so I can fit in the jeans I wear onstage," Chesney told CMT's Country Countdown USA (quotes courtesy of The Boot). The 'Come Over' singer continued, "I think he's figured out that on Sunday, I'll eat whatever I want. So, to test my will power he'll send me a dessert every day ... He sent me a whole red velvet cake one day, and he knows I love red velvet cake. I think he's trying to do anything he can so he'll be skinnier than me."

McGraw's efforts, while funny, are futile. Chesney appears on the cover of the June issue of Men's Health, where he revealed that he has not consumed salt in a decade and that he steers clear of carbs as often as possible and hasn't noshed on bread "in a while." All of those efforts combined help Chesney fit into his stage jeans, and he looks good doing it.

We're in sheer awe of Kenny Chesney's will power. We're also impressed with McGraw's attempts. Perhaps Chesney will let loose on the final day of the tour in August and indulge in a little red velvet cake, whether it's "cheat day" or not!

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