Ever wonder how Kenny Chesney maintains his fit physique? According to his June cover story with Men's Health magazine, the 44-year old credits simple respect for his body as his motivation to remain in the best physical condition of his life.

"I've never abused my body with drugs," Chesney admits. "I've never smoked. But I will say that I've probably been overserved a lot. You can't spend 19 years on the road and not have a few drinks." Spirits aside, the singer never picks up the salt shaker -- at least in the past 10 years -- and hasn't even had bread "in a while."

How does the entertainer balance his demanding life on the road? Chesney relies on his trainer, Daniel Meng of MUV Fitness Coaching in Nashville, Tenn., to keep his gym workout rigorous and regimented. "It's a very intense workout routine usually reserved for athletes," Meng says. "But Kenny has a certain standard he holds himself to when putting on a show, and it's my job to get him there."

"You think you're sprinting on this treadmill," says Chesney, referring to his high-energy two-hour concerts. "When I'm up there it's like I'm at a constant sprint at a 15 level. But the thing you have onstage that you don't have in the gym is adrenaline."

Despite the results, the 'Come Over' singer confesses his efforts are more about an improved state of mind. "I don't go in here and try to bench-press 200 pounds," confesses Chesney. (He can do 300 pushups in 10 minutes, though.)

It seems as though the singer will be beyond physically -- and mentally -- prepared for his upcoming Brothers of the Sun Tour with Tim McGraw. The stadium outing kicks off in Tampa, Fla. on June 2 and runs for 19 days. His new 'Welcome to the Fishbowl' album will be on the shelves on June 19.

Before then, you can pick up the June issue of Men's Health with Chesney on the cover -- it hits newsstands on May 22.