In just two months, we'll be able to get our hands on Toby Keith's new studio album, 'Clancy's Tavern.' To tide us over until then, the 'I Love This Bar' hitmaker has released the album art for the deluxe edition of the record, which is a split of three artsy abstract photos and one of the very smiley singer.

'Clancy's Tavern' boasts Keith's latest Top 10 single, 'Made in America,' as well as the drink-friendly title track, 'Beers Ago,' and 'Red Solo Cup.' Additionally, the deluxe record includes four songs from his undercover alias, Incognito Bandito.

The record is named for a bar Keith's grandmother owned on the Arkansas/Oklahoma line, the same club he sings about in his 2005 hit 'Honkytonk U.' The patriotic singer told The Oklahoman back in July that he anticipates the title track will be a bit hit around the world because of its Irish influence.

Just a few weeks ago, Keith was forced to cancel his appearance at Canada’s Big Valley Jamboree due to doctor's orders and a nasty case of laryngitis. We hope that sickness is long behind him, because 'Clancy's Tavern' is sneaking up fast! The album hits shelves on October 25.