If there is one thing Toby Keith has been doing lately, it's satiating his fans with lots of extra material. For the deluxe edition of his upcoming album 'Clancy's Tavern,' due out Oct. 24, the singer will include four cover songs that he recorded when he played a somewhat secret, very intimate New York club show under the Incognito Bandito moniker.

While at the Fillmore, Keith laid down four songs with his roadhouse-style band, and put them on the deluxe edition of last year's 'Bullets in the Gun.' Looks like he is gearing up for an encore with 'Clancy's Tavern!'

The loaded edition of 'Clancy's Tavern' will feature Waylon Jennings' 'High Time (You Quit Your Low Down Ways)'; Buck Owens' 'Truck Drivin' Man'; Three Dog Night's 'Shambala'; and Chuck Berry's 'Memphis.' Keith, who was christened country music's top earner by Forbes, produced 11 of the album's tracks on his new record.

Track listing for 'Clancy's Tavern':

1. 'Made in America'
2. 'I Need to Hear a Country Song'
3. 'Clancy's Tavern'
4. 'Tryin' to Fall in Love'
5. 'Just Another Sundown'
6. 'Beers Ago'
7. 'South of You'
8. 'Club Zydeco Moon'
9. 'I Won't Let You Down'
10. 'Red Solo Cup'
11. 'Chill-axin''

Deluxe Edition only:

12. 'High Time (You Quit Your Low Down Ways)'
13. 'Truck Drivin' Man'
14. 'Shambala'
15. 'Memphis'