If you get a message from Toby Keith soliciting funds to join his new fan club, don't fall for it. The country superstar is warning fans about a scam someone has been perpetrating online.

Keith's web team posted a warning to his online fans on Friday (April 28), letting his fans know about the unscrupulous imposter.

To All Toby Fans -

It has come to our attention that there is a scam involving an individual or individuals passing themselves off as Toby and management asking fans for money and to join a new fan club. Please note, Toby will never contact you personally to ask for money or otherwise. This is the only legitimate Toby Keith profile and all fan club events will only be announced here and at TobyKeith.com.

It's unclear of the scammer has succeeded at bilking any fans out of their money, but Keith's fans should take note of his official accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as his official website. Any information coming from any other source is suspect.

Keith's most recent single is "A Few More Cowboys," which is the first taste fans have had of a yet-to-be-announced new project. He has a full slate of concert dates on the books from May until October of 2017.

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