Days after the news that his "raise your glass" (well, cup) anthem 'Red Solo Cup' had gone double platinum, moving two million digital downloads and becoming the biggest-selling song of his career, Toby Keith tweeted that his new single 'I Like Girls That Drink Beer' will drop on July 24. He's keeping that beverage-consuming motif going, ain't he?

Keith tweeted the good news this morning (July 21), sharing an image and the "beersatheme" hashtag, pretty much acknowledging that he's got a good thing going when it comes to songs about beer.

It would seem to be a foregone conclusion at this point that Keith will have yet another mega hit on his hands with 'I Like Girls That Drink Beer,' since so many dudes appreciate a girl who can toss one back. It's also likely to become a popular tune for country music-loving ladies who also like to party hard. It's a win-win for Keith and it'll be available for download next week, so mark your calendars and grab it on Tuesday.

Bottoms up! Keith's tweet is below.


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